About Us


Adore Research Pvt Ltd is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that offers standard and customized clinical studies, cosmetic testing and analytical Research services, Pharmacovigilance (PV), Cosmeceutical, Dermaceutical, Pharmaceutical and OTC products to evaluate the safety, efficacy, tolerance, performance and consumer preference of cosmetics, personal care products, nutraceuticals and medical devices.

Adore Research  is committed to developing new formulations and has initiated out-licensing agreements and we seek out-licensing strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. We also carry out pre-clinical, environment safety studies on drugs, biologics, foods, chemicals, medical devices etc for clients and in-house projects to facilitate filing of regulatory dossiers, market authorization and also testing for batch release.

Regulatory Studies

General Toxicology, Mutagenicity, Toxico-kinetics, Immuno-toxicology, Inhalation Toxicology, Eco-toxicology, Developmental and reproductive Toxicology (DART), Biological Tests, Physico Chemical Testing, Impurity Profiling, Chemical/Drug Characterization, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic (DMPK), Safety pharmacology etc.

Drug Discovery & Development

Facility has cutting edge Drug Discovery and Development Labs to support array of functions like Custom synthesis, Medicinal chemistry, cell based assays, molecular biology, Pharmacokinetics, In-vivo Pharmacology, Regulatory toxicology, Process R & D, Formulation and Analytical development, analytical method development, biopharmaceutical development, Process & product development, nano-drug delivery system development, protein and peptides delivery system, bioavailability enhancement, novel carriers for cancer targeting etc.

The thrust areas include lead Identification and screening, cell based assays, customized animal model development for a wide range of therapeutic areas like oncology (Xenograft, Syngenic, Orthotopic, Metastasis, angiogenesis), Metabolic Disorders, Pain and inflammation, Neuro-pharmacology etc.